Friday, 16 December 2016


Hi Blog World,

This is the last day, I am being a year 6, this is the last day I am going to be at Hay Park School. This day is  a very sad day because I am going from Hay Park School, to Waikowhai Intermediate. I wish that I can still stay at Hay Park School but I can't because I am not aloud. I will miss all the teachers who helped me during school. And I will my friends when they move on and me to.

Monday, 28 November 2016


Hello 16383 people,

Recently we went to Rotoroa island you guys should've known that by now. We thought that we should make an animation about it.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Hello 16347 Of My Blog World,

Yesterday on Tuesday I went to Rotoroa Island! At the island we learnt everything that was on the island. So Scott Class thought that we should write about our trip.

Rotoroa island

While I was walking of the boat I felt the cold breeze on my face. Our tour guide called Brian he was giving us a tour of Rotoroa island. Then went into the hall, and learned about Rotoroa island. Then we went with these other people that are tour guides.  

We had a big hike around the island, the rarest bird on the island is a takahe they only have 4 on the island they are very special to the island. I only saw one. We saw some other stuff as well.

Then we walked around the whole island and it was so HOT! And there were insects everywhere and it was disgusting! So we traveling everywhere on the island we learned but stuff and it was fun.

Then we moved on to our next activity where we used GPS, GPS means Global Positioning System. And what does it do, well what it does it is like when you are look for some on this device and it will tell you where you go.
And we had to set our GPS where to go and we had to find it on a tree.
Then we had to use these tablets to locate a footprint on the card and it would be pest footprint or an animal and we had identify it with the card that we found on a the tree. We found 3 locations, this was one of my best activities to do.

We had to another activity similar to the one that we did. We had to use binoculars for this one. We were using our GPS again. We had to find this animal in a tree and we need the binoculars because the stuffed animals were high up or deep down in a bush.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Escaping the Maze

Hello 16285 People,

I made a google drawing about how to get out of the maze. It is about class dojo, so this monster called mojo and there were doing a play. Then he was worried that his friends might forget the lines when they act. So mojo said PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Then Katie the friend got angry so she decided to quit. And then mojo was stuck in the maze. And here is my google drawing how to get out of the maze.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Create Task Enviro Schools

This is my Create Task about Enviro Schools. I had to read this story that was about Enviro Schools and it was a create task.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Traffic Light

Create Task About Labour Day

Hello Blog World,

Today in Scott Class we have working a task called a Create Task. And it is about Labour day, and what you have learned about Labour day. If you do not know what is Labour day about, well... just look at my Google Drawing, and you will see what Labour day is about and what I have learned about it.